• Hiking At Night? You Need Flashlights, Duh!

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    How Do You Race All Night?

    One of the biggest questions that I get is how do you get around so well at night. The short answer is that you need a good flashlight. In any adventure race longer than one day you will end up doing something at night and it will be more than just sleeping. You might hike, paddle, or bike during the night so you need to be ready. We will start off with hiking. First you need to research flashlights for what you need. The flashlights that are considered “tactical” are the best, there is lots of information at www.besttacticalflashlights.net. Their buying guide and comparison guide is great and the articles are informative. You need two lights, a headlamp and a handheld. I also usually have a third micro light on me for map reading, this is my everyday carry light (EDC) so I am used to using it all of the time.

    Hiking At Night

    The first thing to realize is that everything is going to look different and it will be much more difficult to find the land features that you want. Navigating at night is a whole new skill, it is best to first find some sort of feature like a [Read More...]

  • Food For Adventure Racing

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    What Am I Going To Eat?

    This is something that is often asked of adventure racers, what do you eat the whole time and how much? Well, lets start off by saying that most expedition level races will have drop points for food so you will not have to carry the entire 5-10 days worth at once. This makes it a little easier than say a multi-day hike along the John Muir Trail. We need to consider both weight and calories.

    How Much To Eat

    The normal human being requires 2500 calories a day to maintain proper body weight. Now, in an adventure race you are constantly moving and depriving yourself of sleep so you will need more. Most racers in these types of events try to consume anywhere between 5000 to 7000 calories per day. [Read More...]

  • Sample Gear List For Adventure Race

    Hiking Gear

    Most adventure races will give you a gear list, in this gear list there will be the required team gear, required individual gear, prohibited gear, and recommended gear. A gear list might look like this.

    REQUIRED TEAM GEAR (Each team must have the following)

    • Cell phone (waterproof container)
    • Pen (water and freeze proof)
    • Lighter/Matches (water and freeze proof)
    • Chemical lights
    • Zip ties (minimum of 10” length)
    • Strobe Light (visible 3 mile radius)
    • Survival Mirror
    • First Aid Kit containing the following contents: (8) 2×2 or 3×3 sterile dressing, (2) 3×4 non adherent sterile dressing, (1) conforming gauze bandage, (4) 1×3 adhesive bandage, (3) knuckle adhesive bandage, (1) tape ½”x 10 yards, (1) swift wrap elastic bandage, (8) 200mg. Ibuprofen, (2) antihistamine (Diphenhydramine), (2) afterbite sting relief, (1) moleskin, (5) towelettes, (3) antibiotic ointment, (1) tincture of benzoin, (3) butterfly closure bandage, (2) pair nitrile gloves, (1) tweezer, (3) safety pins, (1) duct tape (2) alosak.

    FULL TIME MANDATORY PERSONAL EQUIPMENT (Each team member must have the following) [Read More...]

  • Getting Into Adventure Racing


    How To Get Into Adventure Racing

    Anybody that is physically fit can easily get into adventure racing. Somebody that has already done triathlons will be more than fit enough to get started on sprint series type races as they learn more of the skills that are required in larger races.

    Find A Team

    It is unlikely that in you close group of friends you already have 4 people that are willing to go through hell to run a race. Adventure racing is a team sport, in some of the larger and longer races it is necessary for teammates to rely on each others skills. You will even find that teams are designed around specializations. The most important thing to consider when deciding your team is to ask yourself the question, would it be ok to be lost and in extreme pain with these people for a whole day? In shorter sprint type races obviously this is not a huge factor, but the last thing that you want is to not have fun racing. The biggest thing to watch out for are teammates that have too much pride. Competitors need to be willing to ask for help and to say that they are wrong if they have made a mistake.

    Essential Skills [Read More...]

  • What Is Adventure Racing? The True Test Of Outdoor Skill!

    Adventure Racing

    Have You Ever Wondered, What Is An Adventure Race?

    Original Definition of Adventure Racing

    Also called expedition racing, adventure racing is an endurance sport that usually involves multiple forms of physical transportation along with orienteering or navigational skills. These are almost all held in the outdoors and are designed to be multi-day events. Some of the typical activities that would be required in adventure racing aremountain biking, cross-country running, paddling, and climbing.  These are often team events that must be co-ed.

    History of Adventure Racing

    Though I am sure that people have be racing through tough terrain for many years, many people believe that the beginning of the modern day adventure race began in [Read More...]